Dear Creative Writer,

Have you always dreamed of writing your own short stories and publishing a short story or two (or thousands) for the World to enjoy?

Have you already written a story (or stories) and now have “writer’s fever”?

If so, then you will be happy to have found our online short story publishing house – Penelope Priss Publishing House, LLC.

As an aspiring writer, you are probably already well aware of how competitive the short story writing market is.

I wish I had better news for you, but the fact is that most of us who submit our short stories to agents or publishers are often rejected without the story ever being read.

This one fact alone can be enough to turn any creative short story writer into a skeptic, and in the worse case, a non-writer.

Well, we are ready to change all of that.

Through PENELOPE PRISS PUBLISHING HOUSE LLC, passionate writers can access a website full of inspiration, creativity, motivation, and romanticism.

You can become a published writer – today!

Whether your style is telling touching stories of love, or whether your wish is to indulge our readers with inspiring short stories or short romantic stories, PENELOPE PRISS PUBLISHING HOUSE is your segue to the “passion for writing.”

Here – today, right now – you can have your short story published!

Nurturing and thoughtful short story publishing for your Creative Spirit is flowing through these pages.

Right here, a most creative written expression is available to the “also up-and-coming” who is seeking to bring forth their writing style.

Join us today by becoming a member of our eStoryTelling Community, and entering the Penelope Priss Short Story Contests.

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